Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jerry Epstein on the financial crisis after six years

By Gerald Epstein

It has now been almost six years since Lehman Brother’s collapsed and, as Warren Buffett famously put it, all the world could see who had been “swimming naked”. Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and many economists claimed that “no one could see it coming”, but many economists working without the ideological blinders of mainstream economic theory did, in fact, see “it” coming.

Prominent among these economists is Jane D’Arista, whose prescient and insightful work on financial and monetary issues serves as a guide and inspiration for those who want to clear away the cobwebs of distorting economic ideology and, in the tradition of Keynes, Minsky and Kindleberger, sink their intellectual teeth into the real economic institutions and dynamics that drive our macroeconomy. If we do that, and ask how the dynamics and institutions of monetary policy, banking and financial regulation have evolved since Lehman Brothers, the panorama is astonishing.

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